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Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes: Will You Marry Me?

Wife loves Calvin & Hobbes … So I brought Calvin to life and proposed … :)
3 Custom Snake Eyes with Timber

3 custom Snake Eyes with Timber

Took a Pic of 3 custom Snake Eyes with Timber
Jean Grey

4″ Custom Jean Grey (X-Men Grey Outfit)

Just a simple Jean Grey in the Grey outfit. Could’ve done better … but wanted to finish the figure fast.           
G.I. Joe Retaliation - Snake Eyes

4″ Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe Retaliation)

Base used is a Microman Material Force figure. Took me many months to complete this … This figure is very dark … done with black and blue … details are not highly ...

Diablo 3 Game Character: Demon Hunter

Finally completed this Diablo 3 Demon Hunter for my darlin … it took me around 4 mths … I made this straight from my heart … with … dedication … love … ...
NDS Edge 2

Final Fantasy IV Edge

Final Fantasy IV Edge

Zarana Nike Girl

This has been in WIP for sometime … just wanted to finish it off. Initially it started out as a Nike Gal Custom … with leftover parts from other customs. But I wanted to ...

Torpedo: SEAL

This figure was done some time ago. Just never took the time to paint it. I needed work space for some other figures and decided to just finish it off. Simple figure to do with the ...

Tifa Lockhart: Final Fantasy 7 (Advent Children Movie Version)

I played Final Fantasy 7 in 1997 and I really enjoyed the game a lot … I loved the Tifa char and the way they made her. FF7 is 1 of my all time favourites and will always brings ...

Scarlett: Sigma 6 Cartoon Version

Just wanted to do something with a Baroness and test out something. Don’t have Sigma 6 over here either cartoon or toy. From the trailer for S6, the cartoon looks pretty cool. ...