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Boba Fett: O-ring Version

Always wanted a Boba Fett that can have better poses instead of pre-posed.

This figure involved quite some work + rework to make everything fit snug and tight without breaking apart. Happy that everything came out OK … ;)

  • Most of the parts are remolded from OTC Fett.
  • A lot of Epoxy-putty used to make everything fit proper + re-use/re-doing.
  • Most parts are customised GI Joe Parts + OTC Fett Parts.
  • Figure has more articulation than all GI Joes or SW figs due to the customized OTC Fett Legs
  • Extra articulation to the right leg.
  • Fine detailing done to Gloves, Helmet, Jetpack, Vest based on pic from various BF(Proto, ESB, ROTJ)… etc. Refer to Closeup pics.
  • Figure is actually an ESB type but painted it ROTJ colors … ;)
  • I can’t find my leftover molded joe connectors so I still gotta make another one for the jetpack. Currently it’s blue-tacked on the back … :D


Head = OTC BF
Legs = Modded OTC BF + bits from Joes for the T-hook. extra articulation done on the left leg.
Body/Torso = ST Chief Torpedo Modded.
Arms Upper = ST Switch Gears modded.
Arms Lower/Hands = ST Duke Modded
Belt = OTC BF
Crotch = Modded ST Dusty.
Cape, BackPack = OTC BF
Braids = DMC Threads … hate it but it looks ok, must do a plastic, putty one later

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