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Custom Destro

Made a Destro using new + old sculpt 3-3/4″ joes. Didn’t have Chrome Silver and too lazy to go buy so this Destro ended up with a Tin Head. It looks quite OK due to the detailing on the old sculpt. Think it does look better IMO compared to a Full Chrome Silver Paint on the Head but not Destro Standard … :)

Was thinking of making a PDD Destro and selling it off … but decided not to waste a Destro by making a sh*tty concept.

Some of the changes done for this figure:

  • Added Missles + grenades to the Left + Right Hand.
  • Added a Medallion/Ruby or whatever it’s supposed to be to the necklace..
  • Just some sanding here and there to fit the hands.

Full Views:


Head/Body Close Up View to show the detailing done to the chest:

Parts Used:
Head = Destro v3
Body = Destro v3 + putty pendant/medallion.
Waist = Destro v3
Hands = Claws 02 JvC + missiles + grenades.
Legs = Cobra Commander 02

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