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Custom GI Joe Snake Eyes Silent Interlude v1 Paratrooper

This is based on the Silent Interlude GI Joe comic that has Snake-Eyes infiltrate Destro’s mountain base on a parachute.

Some things done for this guy:

  • The whole figure is from the Snake-Eyyes 2003 with CD.
  • Head was redone based on the v1 look but more towards the Silent Interlude issue. I didn’t like the v1 Squashed head so I redid the head using the 2003 one.
  • Made the holsters usable on both legss to fit pistols instead of factory dead mold.
  • Added pouches to chest and hands to bbe like original v1.
  • Sanded/cut/mold here and there on hannds/body/legs/waist to get rid of the stupid studs and webbing. Still exist but a bit better than original.
  • Added a strapped UZI so that it’s morre like the comic. This frees up hands for parachute navigation or whatever it’s called… ;)

Paratrooper Slung Uzi and Readied pics, Pistols in Holsters:


Pistols Ready:

Closeup View to show the reworked face, holsters and strapped Uzi:

Parts Used:
Figure = Snake-Eyes 2003 CD.
Pistols = Remolded from Chap Mei.
Uzi = SE vs SS 2002.

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