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Custom New Sculpt Scarlett

The 1st female figure of anykind that I own, so it’s the 1st time I’m painting a female figure, based this on pics from Playboy, Barbie and the Trade Paperback old GI-Joe Comics Scarlett.

Decided to complete the figure as Classic Scarlett.

Some of the changes done for this figure:

  • Resculpted the hair.
  • Removed the upper Belt, molded the patch thing on the right, removed a whatever(Grenade?) from the left on Body.
  • Pouches added to the boots. Had to remold from original Parts since I only had 1.
  • Removed add-ons on the right and left hand.
  • Removed the stupid Sound Attack F from the Crossbow.
  • Figure was done with Epoxy Putty(milliput) for hair/right patch/boot pouches.
  • Vest/Boots/Glove color is actually more orange than photo, matched to the TradePaper back No 1 cover. Did quite a lot of mixing Orange/Yellow to get the color.

Full Rotation Views:

G.I. Joe Scarlett

Head Close-Up Views:

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