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Custom New Sculpt Zartan-Ripcord Transformation

Just thought I’d try something different. Not sure if ppl get it, but it’s supposed to be Zartan transforming into Ripcord. Just a simple custom from leftover parts. Kinda stupid for an action figure since it’s practically unplayable.

Some of the changes done for this figure:

  • Added some putty to the lower body to simulate a shirt, didn’t come out too good I think.
  • Repainted the face to look more like comic book … the hardest part for me on this piece.
  • Some cutting and sanding on the hands and feet.

Full Views:


Head/Body Close Up View:

Parts Used:
Head = Zartan 2002
Body = Zartan 2002 + putty.
Hands/lower legs = Zartan 2002 + some sanding/cutting.
Waist = Some tiger force guy.
Upper Legs = Snake Eyes v3

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