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Custom Shipwreck Image Comics Version

Made a Shipwreck based on the Image Comics Poster Dual Pistols Version.
The whole figure was done using the Shipwreck 2003 with CD.

Some of the changes done for this figure:

  • Made the sleeves long instead of Short. Could’ve been a whole lot easier if I’m not so damn broke and had more figures to work with.
  • Added a Scratch built Holster + Straps to the left leg. Took some time getting it to look similar in shape/size to the right.
  • Did some poking/cutting/sanding to fit the Pistol into the holster. Not sure why Hasbro made the holster so that none of the guns will fit. Someone please introduce the term Quality Control/Play-testing┬áto those guys. Guess they are not bothered as long as there are lots of stupid ppl like me who buys their toys. It’s kinda sad when I’m in debt and have to go thru a lot of hassle to get sh*tty products.
  • Pistols are Chap Mei I think. Fits the huge hands well.

Full Views:


Head Close-Up View:

Overall, I’m happy with the outcome of the figure but this MF almost caused me my left eye when the thinner+Paint I was mixing splashed on my face, man … thinner does sting bad but thankfully it’s also quick drying… wife told me it’s evil and I should get rid of him … ;)

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