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Custom Shockwave New Sculpt

One of the few shows that I liked when I was a kid was S.W.A.T.(Steve Forrest, Robert Urich, etc) TV Series and Decided to do a Shockwave. I’d never seen him in the comics or cartoon so I’m not sure if he’s a cool or lame guy. But I guess the figure game out looking like what I can remember about SWAT + a pic of a carded v1 Shockwave. I think it looks cooler in Dark Blue instead of the Light Blue, stupid T like camo.

Some things done for this guy:

  • Molded a mask using a 2002 Gung Ho to get the Shockwave look … had to have the cap look, not sure if SWAT still wears caps nowadays.
  • Made the wrist articulated to have the pose that I want for display. I used paper clip for it, really tight and good I think, and a whole lot better than my Factory Zartan hands that keep falling off.
  • The Duke legs provided the extra articulated feet.

The Blue is actually very dark, either my PC monitor or lighting conditions is not natural.

Flash and non-flash:


Side and Back:

Closeup View to show the face and articulated hands:

Parts Used:
Head = GungHo 2002 custom.
Hands = Dusty 2002 custom.
Rest = Duke 2002, CD.
Gun = SE Vs SS 2 pack.

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