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Custom Snake-Eyes 3-3/4″ Desert Leopard

I have been putting this off for some time. Wanted a Snake-Eyes for my Desert Leopards but not sure how I wanted to make it, so decided to use my leftover SE parts and put some use of it with a SE non-o-ring leftover from the 2-pack. Not sure if it does look SE with the Desert Leopard type costume instead of Black but it looks OK to me … missing sword cuz I wanted the swords for other projects, well the dual pistols should be good enuf … :)

  • Some minor work done on the upper legs only to make a smooth transition.
  • Another lots-o-work sh*t to make the holsters usable. Tedious to me but I like it a lot better this way instead of dead mold.
  • Pistols are again remolded from Chap MMei.

Front/Back Views:


Dual Pistols instead of sword:




Parts used:
Head, Hands, Lower Legs = SE v14.
Body, Waist, Upper Legs = SE CD 2003
Weapons = Uzi/Knife SEv14, Remolded Pistols


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