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Deunan Knute: Appleseed the Movie version

Appleseed the Movie is one of the few Anime that I enjoyed, so I decided to make a Deunan Knute Fig for myself.

When I started it, life was OK, midway thru, lots of things happened, but finally able to complete it. It took me a long time to complete it due to all the stuff that’s been happening around me.

Even on the day I completed it, my damn monitor blew up in my face. Yeah, that’s life. Crap happens. Now that I’m a non-stop chain smoker, this could most probably be the last custom that I ever do.

All said, I’m happy with the way it came out, same for life and death … ;)

  • Head, hair itself took a very long time.
  • The figure, colors, design is based on the movie version
  • Most every part has been modded with epoxy putty.
  •  Holster done with plastic + putty.


Head = Modded Scarlett – VvV
Hands = Modded Scarlett – VvV
Torso = Modded Baroness VvV
Croth = Modded Baroness VvV
Legs = Modded Lady Jaye ST
Pistol = BBi or something. Definitely not Hasbro … ;)

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