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G.I. Joe Desert Leopards

In the Year 2003 – The US-Govt decided to enlist the help of GI-Joe to help eradicate the evil forces in the Mid-East with ZERO civilian casualty, so a Special Ops Strike team called Desert Leopards was formed… (Read … Hasbro should promote American pride by releasing some special Joes to help support the soldiers currently in Mid-East … and call it Leopard Force or Tiger Force II or something… and it doesn’t hurt to give it free to the soldiers there since the cost of plastic is less than a couple of bullets) … :)

Currently only Duke and AWE Striker is completed for now. Will add in additional finishing when I make the base. More figures to come … check back for more updates.

Updates: 09-03-03 -> Added in Dusty, almost completed, shown manning the Side Mounted Gun.

Desert Leopards Special Issue (Ain’t that right!!!) AWE Striker with Side Mounted Machine Gun.

If you can see lime green spots everywhere, it’s the original sh*tty Funskool color. Not too happy with the results but can live with it … :( … wanna move along to make the other figures cause Duke’s been buggin me for somebody to give orders to …

Engine Compartment View … the dials are actually painted on and looks 2 cartoony … must find some time to draw on stickers:

GI-Joe Desert Leopards

Front View showing Side Mounted Machine Gun manned by Dusty, Gun and Mount is from Heavy duty/Claws Pack. Wanted to do on both sides but only had 1 Heavy Duty/Claws and didn’t want to waste money on another cuz I’m damn F broke now from buying Joes … :(

Back View:

Front Full View:


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