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Gaming Cards For Sale (MTG, Pokemon, Star Wars, Etc.)

I’ll put up pics of them if I have time.

All are kept in Ultra-Pro Collector Albums and too lazy to take pics of them.

I’ve only put up pics of the MTG Alpha and Beta P9 so that people know that I’m not just saying some BS about owning them. When I have some time, I’ll create a new site with all the pics of all the sets, cards that I have, either that or wait till I sell em off on ebay…

Magic the Gathering - Alpha P9
Alpha P9

Alpha P9 MTG Card

Alpha P9

Magic the Gathering - Beta P9
Beta P9

Beta P9

Beta P9






MTG Xpansions -> Full Complete Sets: Arabian all the way to UD Foil.

Pokemon -> Full Complete Sets: 1st Ed, Base to Fossil.

SW-Decipher -> Full Complete Set: Foil Reflections 1.

If you’re a Collector/Card Dealer and interested to buy, let me know. I don’t play card games so practically everything is Mint/NM Unplayed.

I have lots of MTG cards like Extra Beta NM TimeTwister, Alpha Shivan Dragon, 4x Cursed Scroll, 4x Old Pic BOP, etc. that I might be willing to trade for same value Snake Eyes/Boba Fett or GI-Joes that I can use for customizing.

Too lazy to make a list but I have a database of my leftover cards somewhere, around US$ 3000-4000 worth of BV.

Selling List and Prices

For Alpha, Beta, Arabian, Antiquities, Legends, Portal 3 Kingdoms … I’ll take or scan pics of any card you want me to (only for those who make an offer). You can always re-offer lower or higher based on the pics. I’ll sell to highest offer. It will take some time for me to do this.

All prices are subject to change based on the current currency exchange rate and economic conditions. Not in urgent need to sell.

Pricing is based on various sources as of July 2017. If interested, please contact me to leave an offer.

Base/Core Sets (No Unlimited) All Full Complete Condition
Limited Edition Alpha M/NM/Pld
Limited Edition Beta M/NM
Revised Edition M/NM
Fourth Edition M/NM
Fifth Edition M/NM
Classic Sixth Edition M/NM
Expansion Sets Condition
Arabian Nights (No Alt common) M/NM
Antiquities M/NM
Legends M/NM
The Dark M/NM
Fallen Empires M/NM
Homelands M/NM
Ice Age Cycle/Block Condition
Ice Age M/NM
Alliances M/NM
Mirage Cycle/Block Condition
Mirage M/NM
Visions M/NM
Weatherlight M/NM
Rath Cycle or Tempest Block Condition
Tempest M/NM
Stronghold M/NM
Exodus M/NM
Urza’s Saga M/NM
Urza’s Legacy (Foil set) M/NM
Urza’s Destiny (Foil set) M/NM
Others Condition
Chronicles M/NM
Portal 3 Kingdoms English (Reserved) M/NM

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