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Ghost Bear: Cobra Tracker / Son of Kwinn

When I got the Pulverizer, I thought the figure that came with it was quite cool … Reading thru the file card, I realised that Ghost Bear was Kwinn’s son.

It’s like so F wrong for that figure to be Kwinn’s son, so decided to make another Ghost Bear ..


This is a very easy custom, just simple parts replacements.

  • Painted it in a Jungle Tracker camo sccheme.
  • Didn’t bother to include guns, figured since he’s Kwinn’s son, it’ll probably be enough to have just a knife to kill anything, SE included … ;)
  • Initially wanted to include a Sniper rifle since on the filecard he’s a sniper, but didn’t do the articulated wrist, so … F it, Just a knife will do … ;)

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