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Gundam Girl: RX-121-2 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel II] Gal

Saw a GundamGal Model Kit Custom and wanted to make 1 for myself by fusion with 3-3/4″ Joes.

Never into Gundams … never knew anything about them, either anime or toys … so to me all of them look the same … UNTIL I started on this piece.

Now I know there are so many types of Gundams and appreciate the differences on the Gundam kits/builds. Still not much idea on Gundams, but there are a lot of subtle differences on every single Gundam to make each unique.

The Gundam Parts are given to me by a real nice guy … thanks Chan … :)

It’s from a toy magazine in Chinese call Hobby Magazine … 1 of the most worth it toy mags around locally … lots of color pics and pretty thick and paper quality is great. Lots of emphasis on Gundams tho but it’s less than US$ 2 for a Mega thick Mag.

Making this piece means a great deal … and gave new meaning to my life … there are so F many things that I value now more than before especially thanks to all the real nice ppl around me now.

Real satisfied with the outcome of this piece… ;)


Head – Scarlett VvV Modded
Hands – Scarlett VvV Modded
Body – Scarlett VvV Modded
Waist – Baroness Single Pack Modded
Legs – Lady Jaye SpyTroops Modded
Rest are 1/200 scale RX-121-2 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel II] Armored version that came with Hobby Magazine.

  • Color scheme is just loosely based on the Tr-1 Hazel II armored version.
  • Some parts are remolded and resculpted to fit proper with the Joe parts.
  • Articulation is pretty good, due to the use of Joe parts and Gundam Feet … The Gundam ball jointed feet is great for posing.
  • Don’t really know how to paint Gundams, so just painted it the way I liked … ;)
  • All mods done with epoxy putty. But this time I used Bondite, I’m outta milliput. The Bondite I bought is so cheap … I got it for less than US$ 1, but then at the back of the package it’s printed FREE, guess it came FREE with something so the Hardware store lady just simply put a price on it… :D :D :D

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