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Kamakura: Arashikage Ninja

Have been wanting to make a Kamakura for a long long long time. Just that never had the time or what I wanted to based it on. The original Devil’s Due G.I. Joe No. 1 has already been made into a Toy so I just tried something different for a change.

This figure is made for my nephew for his Birthday … :D

The only major work was done to the torso with Epoxy Putty. I removed the stupid looking Miss Universe Sash thingy. Not sure why they have to sculpt that in the 1st place because it looks dumb and gave him the hood to make it more like Kamakura.

I added the spot patterned garb because I like it and it is loosely based on DDP G.I. Joe issue #20. The rest of the pieces are just factory parts.

Whole fig done with VvV Single Pack Kamakura with mods here and there.

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