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Ryu Hayabusa: Ninja Gaiden (X-Box Version)

Never played the Game but wanted a Ninja Gaiden in 3-3/4″ after seeing the Kotobukiya version … ;)

  • Head took some time, didn’t come out too hard to do it similar … exact will be a lot harder.
  • Belts/buckles took some time because I sculpted them 1 by 1 on the fig … damn lots … think around 40+ … ;)
  • Did the scarf but without the tails, don’t like cloth, but putty might break … mabby later will do, like it this way though.
  • All Joe parts used as bases for this figure.
  • Articulation points are with the extra wrist/feet from SE/Depthcharge
  • Should’ve made the sword a longer but lazy … ;)
  • Will re-do arms when and if I get Torch/Gung-Ho upper arms … not available here.
  • The 3 daggers/darts on the right leg are scratch built and removable. Did it this way in case it breaks, I just have to re-do the daggers and slot in instead of molding on the leg itself after completion.
  • Sword sheath scratch build with plastic/putty with a Joe-type connector.


All SpyTroops

Head = DepthCharge Modded
Top Legs = DepthCharge Modded
Bottom Legs = SE CD Modded
Body/Torso = Destro 2-pack(w/ Grunt) Modded
Arms Upper/Lower = Nunchuck Modded.
Hands = DepthCharge Modded
Crotch = Depthcharge Modded.
Sword = Ninja Battle SE sword molded.
Daggers scratch build
Sword Sheath scratch build

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