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Scarlett: Sigma 6 Cartoon Version

Just wanted to do something with a Baroness and test out something.

Don’t have Sigma 6 over here either cartoon or toy. From the trailer for S6, the cartoon looks pretty cool. Most probably will be a hit if it hits Asia or South East Asia.

The S6 toys sucks, crap blocky don’t look anything like the cartoon. The cloth pants make them look like wearing pajamas.

If Hasbro makes them like the cartoon versions sans cloth, I might consider buying them and giving away as gifts. Figure is just a simple conversion of a VvV Baroness.

  • Head, hair, costume all based loosely on the S6 cartoon.
  • Didn’t bother making it accurate due to laziness, looking forward to starting on my next piece.
  • I wanted to try out making the Goggles like that worn by Cloud in FF7-Advent Children … not successful … ;)
  • All mods done with epoxy putty.
  • Whole fig done with VvV Single Pack Baroness with mods here and there.

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